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Professional Website

To develop a professional-looking website for your small business, you basically have two options: use one of the website builders provided by top hosting companies like HostPapa or download a website builder onto your smart device and learn how to use it on your own.


To help you choose the best website builder for your small business, here is some additional information about each option:

Option 1: Use host provider’s website builder

This is the best option for most business owners because you will eventually need someone to host your website unless you plan to do it yourself. Since you will be paying the host provider a fee to host your website, you may as well take advantage of the website builders they include for free.

HostPapa Website Builders

For instance, HostPapa offers their own website builder plus several others including WordPress and Joomla. They also offer content management systems (CMS) that allow you to set up an eCommerce store or create a website for certain business niches such as real estate.

HostPapa’s In-House Website Builder

HostPapa’s free in-house website builder is very powerful and extremely easy to use. We have used it ourselves to create a professional looking website in a matter of minutes. If you want to create more than one website, though, you will need to pay a fee to upgrade the builder or use one of the other website builders HostPapa provides such as WordPress or Joomla.

HostPapa and WordPress

As previously mentioned, HostPapa also provides free access to WordPress and Joomla. WordPress is an extremely powerful website builder that will allow you build any type of business website that you can imagine.

WordPress Themes

Once you have installed WordPress, you can choose from a number of themes that will give you the look you want for your business. Many of the themes are free, but others have to be purchased, often from a third-party vendor.

Free Premium Themes

Another advantage to using a host provider’s website builder is that premium themes are often included at no extra charge. In fact, the website you are currently viewing was built on the WordPress platform using a third-party theme and editor furnished for free by HostPapa.

Website – Host Compatibility

If you choose to develop your website on your own, you will then have to find a compatible provider to host it for you. This may not be a problem if you use one of the more accepted website builders like WordPress. However, you may find some incompatibility issues trying to host certain websites on certain hosts.